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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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developing as we come on the air, trying to break through. i'm barbara harrison, we're live as a deadlocked jury tries to reach a verdict. and the man killed in a shooting yesterday was a secret service officer assign to the white house complex. and it's a beautiful day out there today. but big changes on the way. not only do we have rain tomorrow because a cooldown this weekend. we'll talk about the weather coming up. and going head to head in front of millions of people. we're covering all the angles. who won, who lost, who could benefit and what you are searching for on the web during the debate. i'm eun yang, news4 midday
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starts right now. this is chris gordon live at the baltimore courthouse with an update on jury deliberations they are on day three, they have not communicated with the court or judge by note or in any other manner. you could say people here are waiting anxiously. that includes baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby whose announcement that six baltimore police officers were charged helped to quiet riots in baltimore last april. now baltimore police and other agencies are staging in areas around the city including west baltimore where the riots were last april. officer porter is charged with manslaughter and reckless endangerment for not seat belting mr. gray in the seat and not calling a medic. yesterday the jury said they
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were deadlocked. the judge asked for them to continue to deliberate. we'll continue to update you. i'll be back on news4 midday if events wash. look for updates on our nbc washington app and social media. that's the latest live in baltimore. barbara, back to you. >> thank you. right now, d-dot is testing the streetcar program in washington. they're trying to prove that street cars can eventually carry passengers. the cars will run in 15-minute intervals from 6:00 p.m. to midnight it has taken two years to work out the kinks in the program. i'm aaron gilchrest at the live desk where we're learning details about the murder of a secret service police officer. what we know at this point from d.c. police is that arthur baldwin was shot multiple times yesterday afternoon just before 3:00 near the intersection of
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1st street and south capitol street southwest near the bellevue neighborhood. police say they were looking for three people in a gray or silver car after the shooting happened yesterday afternoon. we since learned that arthur baldwin was a secret service uniformed division police officer and assigned to protecting the white house complex. these uniformed secret service officers are assigned to protect facilities, in this case the white house complex. we have been able to dig through some archives and found out that officer baldwin had been arrested in april and charged with attempted burglary and destruction of property after an incident at a home in northeast d.c. today we're learning he was shot to death yesterday afternoon in southwest. we are expecting more information from the d.c. police department. we'll have that for you as it comes in. this just in, the hill is reporting a massive spending and tax deal in congress restores federal funding for metro. early versions of the plan included a $50 billion budget
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cut. the government will not shut down thanks to a short-term deal expected to pass today. the full spending bill is expected to pass next week. it will shield middle class workers from tax increases. l.a. schools will reopen this morning, one day after a threat closed the entire system. hundreds of thousands of personnel and kids were sidelined yesterday. new york city received the same anonymous threat but did not close schools. police commissioner bill bratton said l.a. overreacted to the hoax. i'm derrick ward on maury place in the city of manassas. look at this. this is the aftermath of a fire that broke out in the early morning. four town houses, 15 people involved. several twists of fate kept this from being a lot worse than it was. the morning sun shed light on the full extent of the damage. the fire had broken out under the cover of darkness. fortunately a neighbor just
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happened to be stirring around 3:00 a.m. when it started. >> i was leaving. i looked out the window, there was smoke, flames. i immediately called 911. >> reporter: her boyfriend was also up and he sprung into action. >> i got on the roof to see if there was fire. i saw fire. i wanted to get outside and get on peoples doors and wake them up. >> reporter: they were among the 15 people displaced from four town houses involved in the two-alarm fire. there were no injuries but close calls. >> occupants were out of the one townhouse and said the neighbor was an elderly lady. they didn't know if she was home. >> reporter: two firefighters got trapped in that house looking for the lady in an upstairs bedroom. while they were on the second floor, the first floor flashed over and engulfed the stairs they used. >> one firefighter hung from the window sill and dropped. the second firefighter straddled the window sill and hung on
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until we got to them. >> the lady they were searching for had not been at home. she was safe elsewhere, it was just another incident of early morning happenstance that turned out to be fortuitous. >> if i would have slept, i would have never woken up. >> reporter: the cause has yet to be determined. we understand two house cats did perish in the fire but the cause is still under investigation. live in manassas, derrick ward, news 4. we have some sunshine out there right now. good news is we don't have that wind that we had yesterday. we are seeing some sunshine if you're north of d.c. maybe some more cloud cover, but those clouds are retreating. looks good from the live camera view. current temperatures, fairly mild. we jumped up about six degrees in the last hour 54 in d.c. 52
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in manassas. 50 in fredericksburg. 48 in hagerstown. cool along the shenandoah valley and 81. as you pick up the kids this afternoon, a few sunshine delays but big changes on the way starting tomorrow morning. we will talk about those coming up. a ceo's big apology, the way he's trying to change course and restore trust. >> and the national zoo's baby panda doesn't make his debut for another month, but we just got his first look at him that wasn't on the panda cam and it's unlike any shot we've seen of
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. new video of a deadly helicopter crash that happened in arizona about 60 miles east of phoenix. you can see the body of the
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helicopter completely broken up. the walls and window shattered. the ntsb is trying to determine how this happened two people were killed in the crash. one person survived and is in critical condition. this morning chipolte's ceo is apologizing for the recent health hazards at the restaurant. ceo steve ill less took out a full page ad. he said they have taken measures to make sure food is as safe as possible. he said the food can pose a zero risk of contamination with the new measures.
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well, we've got some rain
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headed this way, believe it or not. much cooler temperatures, believe it or not. hard to believe because we've been so warm. we have a storm team 4 weather alert day on thursday. expect heavy rain throughout the day, morning and evening commute. behind this rain we have a big cooldown coming. that will happen just in time for the weekend. may not last, though, as we get into christmas. we'll show that you on our seven-day forecast. for the rest of this afternoon, enjoy it. temperatures will top out in the mid to upper 50s. going to be fairly nice. we don't have that wind to talk about. a great evening in store. we have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right. thank you. the federal government is now ordering metro to fix its safety issues. the federal transit administration issued a new directive yesterday telling metro to fix more than 200 issues in its system. according to the "washington post," some of the issues date back to seven years ago but haven't been addressed. metro has 30 days to respond to the directive. the transit agency says it is working on those changes.
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eight people are recovering this morning after a southwest airlines took a nosedive off the runway while taxiing to its gate. it happened at nashville international airport last night. you can see the nose of the plane is on the ground. eight people were taken to the hospital. they are all expected to be okay. there's no word on what caused that accident. squaring off head to head what got the biggest reaction in last night's debate. and still looking for the perfect gift for a loved one this holiday season? we'll show you the gadgets that could be just what you're looking for.
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donald is great at the up wit one-liners, but he's a chaos candidate, and he will be a chaos president. >> those words from jeb bush. was it enough to change the race? >> joining us is nbc news political editor, kerry dan. did jeb bush do enough. >> you could tell jeb bush was spoiling for a fight. he take an back see the in previous debates. he came out swinging last night, calling trump a chaos candidate. his team thinks they did a good job at doing that. they're circulating those clips that we watch around and among
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reporters and supporters today. trying to see if they can finally be a candidate that delivers a gut punch to donald trump. is it too little too late? they spent over $30 million. >> trump had no exchange against ted cruz in iowa. >> people waited to see what would happen. ted cruz behind closed doors maybe had taken a shot at donald trump. trump before this debate had been jabbing back and forth with cruz. but last night the bromance continues. clearly both campaigns think it's a policy for both of them to keep each other close rather than push away. >> the exchange between cruz and marco rubio. >> a real debate broke out at the debate.
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a substantive exchange on immigration and national security the idea of balancing civil liberties with being aggressive fighting terrorism. there's something that has just been an underlying factor in the gop debates so far, but we saw two new front runners taking on both sides of the issue, cruz and rubio. cruz going after rubio's record on immigration that could hurt rubio down the line in states like iowa or some of those southern states where there's skepticism on undocumented immigrants. then rubio taking a view of the republican party's role in the world, being an aggressive power. >> ben carson at one point was a contender, not a good night for him. >> he had a couple of tough exchanges. he's been falling in the polls. you could kind of see why last night. he was offered a chance to weigh in on that nsa surveillance debate. he took a pass on it. not the looks you want from a
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cade who is trying to boost their foreign policy credentials. >> all right. thank you so much as always. well, we have a beautiful start today. we have that rain on the way unfortunately. if you're seeing a few clouds, if you're north of dc, those will dissipate. look at that time there, 6:30. we are clear. we will see a few clouds build back in later evening. i'll stop it at 5:30 tomorrow morning. it's clear for the most part but that rain coming in. it looks to be here the beginning of the morning commute and will continue through the afternoon. looks to maybe try to get out of here for the evening commute. we'll watch some of the models. we could pick up a half inch to about an inch and a quarter, mainly the heaviest rain south and east of d.c. look at the temperatures after the rain. we fall into the 40s. i want to mention tomorrow's weather alert day because of that rain for both commutes. the clock is ticking to get the perfect holiday gift what do
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you buy for the person who has everything already? here to give us great ideas is steve greenberg, gadget guy, author of gadget nation. good to see you again. you're looking good. >> the hat, for example, has a built in bottle opener. a must-have for a christmas party. from the sweater here this is my ugly christmas sweater. it has a real animated crackling fireplace inside there. that's a smartphone. you put it in there. >> how do you get it in there? a pocket. it fits right in there. you will win any contest. >> wither is that from. >> buy, about $50. this is cool. this is a home video camera, monitoring camera. what's cool about it, it doesn't have to plug into the wall it runs on two batteries, you can put it on a book shelf, the other cool thing about it, no monthly fee, and it's affordable. $79 for one, $189 for three.
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>> does it take a wide shot. >> wide shot. you can save the pictures on to your smartphone or whatnot. look live on the smartphone or tablet. you can see santa coming in. >> night vision? >> night vision built into it. it's from bling for next, you don't want to be up on the ladder putting up christmas lights. you fall off the ladder go to the emergency room, no fun this is bliss lights. stick a couple in front of your house. they will light up your home. they work indoors or outdoors. they're fun. we have video of it. it does a beautiful job of lighting up your home. i have used it for an indoor party. >> how much is that? >> $139. it has laser lights that look like fireflies and an l.e.d. background light. >> don't point it at the sky. >> these are adlens interface. these are adjustable glasses, so
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you can alter the prescription, they're also tinted in yellow to block the blue light from your screens. when working on a computer, you spend a lot of time looking at a computer, you can get digital eye strain. if you block out the blue light, you don't get that digital eye strain. this is a great gift for someone who spends a lot of time at computer. and also we look so smart with our glasses on. >> how much are these. >> under $50, >> great. would you stay here. >> we have more. >> we have a lot more to show you. stay where you aare. a bit later on, he will show us some gifts for the "star wars" fa fan. >> love those ideas. we just talked with terry gann about some of the biggest moments from the debate.
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here are some stories lighting up social media this morning. it was the perfect way to announce the premiere of house and cards, with a timely political ad that aired during the gop last night. >> america, i'm only getting started. >> season four will premiere in march on netflix. kevin spacey earned a golden globe last year for the series. both he and house of cards were passed over for nominations this year. mark wahlberg's restaurant planning a massive expansion to compete with shake shack and five guys. you may soon be eating at a location here in the district. over the next five years the company plans to add 100 to 150 more locations. the company has agreements for additional spots in manhattan, orlando philadelphia, long island and in washington. the goal is to have 300 location oversees.
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>> it's a woman's pride and joy for a lot of them, at least. our hair. hundreds of women claim a popular celebrity endorse prod duct is causing their hair to fall out. more than 200 people have filed a class action lawsuit against wen hair care. the women say the products caused bald patches, rashes and hair breakage. the company claims that regular shampoos can damage hair but their products improve the
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it's gorgeous out there. plenty of sunshine, warming temperatures. this could be the last day that we see warming temperatures. friday through sunday, chilly. friday and saturday we'll have that wind factor. it will feel cooler than it actually is current temperatures out there now, it feels like this. feels like the low to mid 50s
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across the board. for the next 12 hours, very nice. light winds, a few clouds building in overnight. temperatures, again, in the mid to upper 50s. weather alert day for your thursday. we have rain throughout the day. we'll time it out for you coming up. flights are slowly getting back on track at denver airport after record snowfall hit that area. nearly 500 flights were canceled yesterday after close to 8 inches of snow hit the region. hundreds of miles of slippery and wet snow covered highways. they were shut down. it was a white-out as wind gusts of nearly 60 miles per hour slammed the metro area. the area will get a break from the snow today as the storm heads into the midwest. the snow canceled plans for a dad in the navy to surprise his daughters for the holidays, but he and his wife found another way do it. >> check him out. >> dad! >> daddy?
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>> wow. the sailor's kids all had a snow day so their mom took them to the airport to see him right after he got off the plane. she told him, though, that they were going there to meet her boss. the family will all be together for the next two weeks. enough to cover christmas and new years. they have four daughters. he had not been home for 18 months. 15 months, almost a year and a half. right now on news4 midday, we'll tell you about the decision in washington that could directly impact everything from your credit card bill to your house. >> plus it is the moment we've all been waiting for. the national zoo's brand-new panda cub like we've never seen him before. we'll take you live there for
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more than a dozen people are without a home after a fire in manassas. four townhomes were damaged in the fire it happened early this morning on maury lane. no one was hurt. there's no word on the cause of the fire. a third day of deliberations underway there baltimore. this is for police officer william porter's trial for the death of freddie gray. the jury told the judge it was deadlocked yesterday. he ordered the jurors to keep going. so far they have not said anything today. we're both excited about this. we're getting our first up-close look at the baby panda at the national zoo. >> he's so cute. everyone knows i'm crazy about him. bei-bei is nearly four months
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old and zookeepers are showing him to the media for the first time. kristin wright is live at the national zoo. how cute is he? >> oh, my goodness. so cute. we've all seen bei-bei on the panda cam, in pictures. seeing him in person was just a lot of fun. everyone gets their chance soon. here's a preview. our very first up close look at panda cub bei-bei at the national zoo, we couldn't look away. he is adorably cute in a way that only a baby panda can be. >> almost like a parent watching their child grow up. >> reporter: bei-bei is getting a few teeth. he's almost four months. 17 1/2 pounds. he weighed in on monday. bei-bei is hitting his developmental milestones right on target. he's becoming more independent and doesn't always want to be held. >> he's walking a bit more. getting more strength in his back legs. seeing that developmental
11:32 am
increase is always a positive thing. >> reporter: mama is still his world, but in one month bei-bei's world gets bigger. >> we want to get him used to the crowds coming through, having a lot of people in the panda house. >> reporter: for years to come. >> we safe species, that's what we're doing. we're part of that conservation message and that story. >> reporter: bei-bei makes his public debut here at the zoo one month from today on january 16th. the zoo promises to make it special, make it fun. and they also say they will do it best to keep the crowds moving. kristin wright, news 4. breaking news, the federal government has just activated the national terror advisory system. secretary of homeland security announcing a new level to the system this morning. he's calling the bulletin level. at the same time he said they are now activating that level. you are looking at a live picture as the news conference continues here. this bulletin level would describe current developments or
11:33 am
trends that regard terrorist threats, the secretary said they are activating that bulletin level right now. >> we are in a new phase in the global terrorist threat which has implications on the homeland. particularly with the rise in use by terrorist groups of the internet to inspire and recruit. we are concerned about the self radicalized actors, who would strike with little or no notice. >> this bulletin level is supposed to describe current development levels or trends in terrorist threats to look at what the government is doing in response and offer advice to the public. this is sort of the lower level in this alert system, this advisory system. bulletin followed by elevated alert and then imminent alert level. the secretary says folks should look for more information about these things. we have the information for you on in a few hours the federal
11:34 am
reserve could raise interest rates. here's why it matters to you. your monthly credit card interest rate could jump. if you carry credit card debt, expect to pay more interest over time. on the other hand, your savings account will earn you a little more. the decision could slow hiring. the fed raises the interest rate when it believes the economy is on the way up. lauryn? >> that's always good news. like to hear that before christmas. what i don't like to hear before christmas, me personally, the fact that we'll have mild temperatures in the mid-atlantic. save that for january and february. but i would like to see a little snow for christmas. doesn't look like it definitely not today. look at these temperatures, mid to upper 50s again. we should be in the 40s for this time of year. i told you we would time out the rai let's time out the clouds. to the north, they are retreating. it will go clear for the afternoon. rain starts to move in i would say after 7:00 a.m. we'll see it here in the d.c. metro area. heavy rain throughout the
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afternoon. we could pick up a half inch to an inch and a quarter. the heaviest rain will be south and east of d.c. getting out of here as we get into thursday evening. maybe a few showers early on friday. >> thank you, lauryn. catching drunk drivers was a cause officer noah leotta was passionate about. one day after his funeral the montgomery county police department will honor his sacrifi sacrifice. tonight his department will conduct a dui checkpoint in his honor. he got hit by a suspected drunk driver. he was working a dui checkpoint the night he got hit. you can talk to metro's new general manager today. paul weiderfeld will be in arlington tonight at the wakefield high school on south dunwoody street. he will also be tomorrow at the wiehle east metro station.
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>> metro expects a lot of you to ride on new year's eve. it is considering an offer that would give you a free ride that night. the beer company miller koors s is offers $165,000 to cover rides from midnight to 3:00 a.m. tonight we could learn in schools will start before labor day in prince william county. fairfax county approved its calendar a few weeks ago. student there's will start classes september 6th for 2016. also on the agenda where to put a new lie schohigh school. the county is growing by an average 800 students a year. santa claus is coming to town. where he will be today and why he's not
11:37 am
thanks to a request from a female staff sergeant the marines have relaxed their hair
11:38 am
requirements. women in uniform can have their hair in lock or twist hairstyle. this picture is of the twist style, braids that are now allowed. the marine corps is the first service to allow locks. locks may be worn with short, medium or long hair. women in uniform must keep the hairstyle neat and off the neck. >> jordan smith! >> jordan smith is the season nine champion of nbc's "the voice." if you've been following, you may not think this is a surprise. he was fan favorite early on in the competition. several of his performances topped the itune charts. santa will be cruising around montgomery county today on a harley. santa will hop on his bike as part of the annual police department's ride. this ride benefits the children's nih. santa and his elves will be delivering gifts and donations to the families. you can see santa at a lot of different locations across the county starting at gaithersburg at 9:00 this morning.
11:39 am
we'll put a list of those locations on the nbc washington app. we've been enjoying pretty strange december weather lately. storm team 4 is tracking big changes coming up.
11:40 am
retailers are feeling the heat over lost sales of winter clothes as winter weather hits most of the country and especially along the east coast. macy's has warned it will need big discountses to clear out inventory of winter items that are piling up in stores. sales of women's boots are down 3% nationwide this month as are sales of fleece items. with your cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. certainly going to feel more like winter this weekend. i'm sure people had the shorts out for this past weekend. temperatures as we get into saturday and sunday will be
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about 20 degrees to 30 degrees where they were last weekend. today still mild. in the 50s tomorrow, it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. we will see some rain through the day. then the winds come for friday and saturday. look at those temperatures. we will be in the 40s. we don't get out of the 40s for the weekend. we stay cold. but we remain dry. then look at the temperatures going up. it looks like we'll have rain, some mild temperatures as we head through christmas. if you're watching this, there's a 50% chance that you play video games. in a new poll the pew research center found 49% of americans play video games on a regular basis. this is not only super mario and halo. the definition included everything from the traditional games to games on your phone, social media. the numbers were almost evenly split by gender. 50% of men and 48% of women say that they play those games. >> i never have been good at it. >> no. >> i don't have the time.
11:42 am
>> exactly. now on midday, who won and who lost as the fight for the white house rages in prime time. >>
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11:44 am
we're tracking reaction to the final gop debate of the year. some of the highlights came at the end. of course some of them had donald trump all over them. trump weighed in on whether he will stick with the republican
11:45 am
party. >> tracie potts is covering it for us from capitol hill. >> this is a tough business. >> i know, you're a tough guy, jeb. >> we need to have a leader. >> real tough. >> you will never be president of the united states by insulting your way -- >> reporter: donald trump and jeb bush captured the top moments on social media. trump topped facebook, google, twitter and six online polls. >> was a great debate. >> reporter: next to trump, ben carson got the most new followers on twitter last night, weighing in on isis in syria. >> will be boots on the ground, they'll be over here and they'll be their boots. >> reporter: ted cruz clashed with marco rubio on immigration and national security. >> he was fighting to grant amnesty, not to secure the border. >> the ted cruz rule at ever legalizing people who are in the country legal now. >> he is the one for an open border that is leaving us defenseless. >> set up with the political
11:46 am
class. >> if your eyes are glazing over like mine, this is what it's like to be on the floor of the united states senate. >> reporter: islam, isis and terror were the most discussed topics on facebook during the debate. we need a coalition that stands for nothing less than the total destruction of iowa. >> reporter: the caucus now 46 days away. interesting, the candidate who picked up the most twitter support while the debate was happening, not a republican. it was democrat bernie sanders. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. hillary clinton gave her response to last night's debate before it began. she said her republican rivals have slogans not strategies when it comes to fighting terror. >> we cannot give in to fear. we can't let it stop us from doing what is right and necessary to make us safe. >> reporter: clinton says she is the only candidate capable of being commander in chief. she told the crowd at university
11:47 am
of minnesota last night she has steps for capping islamic state recruitment in america, especially online. bernie sanders is in washington. he said he is standing up to anti-muslim rhetoric. the democratic presidential hopeful plans to be part of an interfaith round table at a mosque in northwest washington this afternoon. > . >> it's gorgeous out there. look at the national harbor camera. looks like the ferris wheel is running. hopefully it is. temperatures are in the 50s now. we're taking it in to the mid to upper 50s today. we have a few clouds to the north of d.c. those are retreating to the north. everybody will get sunshine by this afternoon. mid to upper 50s. when you go pick up the kids from bus stop this afternoon, maybe let them get outside and play for a bit. that sun is going down at 4:47 p.m. temperatures still nice. then the changes come. not only rain tomorrow, but breezy for saturday with temperatures in the 40s.
11:48 am
lower 40s. windchills in the low 30s on saturday. we take it up a bit on sunday before we take it up next week back to mild conditions. >> we're back this morning with tech guru and author of "gadget nation" steve greenberg. you have shown us decorations, your fabulous sweater what else have you got? this is for superpowers this is a thermal imaging camera. it's a little piece here that you add to your android or ios camera. you can see heat vision which is cool for things like check the insulation on your house, inflammation in an elbow or intruders coming in when i put my fingers on the cabinet, you can see the heat marks it leave behinds. if the dog makes a little wee-wee, you can see where it was. it's, about $250. >> what else do you have? >> next, when i was a kid, i
11:49 am
used tlo love building models. this is the "star wars" line. they also have other things. what's cool about it, you don't have to paint them. they snap together this one has sound effects built into it. >> what age? >> this starts at age 6 and up. a 6-year-old can build this about 12.99 to 24.99. they're at michaels craft stores. it's a great way to have some fun. next, staying with the "star wars" theme this is from uncle milton. this is "star wars" science. this is called force trainer 2, the hologram experience. you put on this helmet here. it actually monitoring your brainwaves. you control the hologram going on here. put a tablet on top. we have yoda there. you can make the x wing pull out. >> by thinking about it.
11:50 am
>> by thinking. you use your brainwaves to control it. i've used it. it's amazing. it's not a trick. you can see how it works. totally amazing. >> safe? >> totally safe. toys "r" us, target, amazon has it. finally the holidays wouldn't be the holidays without breaking stuff. so, these are -- this is called bond-it. it's a plastic welding device. you put some -- put a little drop here like this. then i will zap it with the light for four seconds. you can see it's now solid. it becomes solid like that. this is great for building up, repairing things. >> i need that. this little guy here had a problem with his leg. i repaired it super easy to use. you can fix a pipe. this pipe needs a weld. that hole is fixed with bond-it. these cables for the smartphones, they keep breaking. you add a drop, zap it, the problem is fixed.
11:51 am
this is about $20. it's at, ace hardware stores, am sazomazon. >> you have a great holiday season. >> and my book "gadget nation" makes a great stocking stuffer. anything can happen on live tv, don't we know that? what happened behind a news
11:52 am
rubio and cruz spiked throughout the debate last night, ben
11:53 am
carson spiked once when he spoke about the things he built and the need for citizen statesmen. we spotted this story. this is not a good traffic story. a houston man facing jail time after proposing to his girlfriend on a busy freeway. he was charged with obstructing a roadway. he's on one knee in the middle of the interstate. among the angry truckers and blaring horns while she did say yes. there's that, of course. look at this as well. you just cannot control live tv. >> what? that's the robber. this is live tv, folks. that's the robber who just went by. according to the bank employee. so, i got go here and call 91. i'll talk to you later. >> according to a later report from kint in minnesota, that was a suspected bank robber who ran by the reporter there as he was live on air covering the
11:54 am
incident outside that bank. the reporter quickly wrapped up saying he had to call 911. police still looking for that suspect. very interesting. a tad dangerous, back to you. >> interesting for sure. >> mm-hmm. a local teacher gets the surprise of a lifetime on national television. >> we're back in 60 seconds.
11:55 am
today on ellen, ellen surprises a very deserving virginia teacher. >> ah! >> hi, megan. >> oh, my god! hi! >> how are you doing? >> hi, ellen. >> you may not need the phone anymore. >> struggling to pay off student loans. despite the hardship, she goes above and beyond her students paying for some things out of her own pocket. you have to watch the show today to find out how megan becomes part of the 12 days of giveaways. ellen comes on right before new
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4 at 4:00 right here on nbc 4. it's a nice day out there. temperatures, mid to upper 50s. we have a big cooldown this weekend. enjoy the great evening out there. nothing to worry about for the evening rush. as we go through tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening, things could get dicey. storm is a storm team 4 weather alert day. we will have rain through the morning commute, through the evening commute, still mild. we could pick up a half inch to an inch and a quarter of rain. the heaviest rain south and east of d.c. breezy conditions after that look at those temperatures. windchills on saturday in the low 30s. yeah, it's going to be chilly. we have a chance of rain through next week. we'll be mild for christmas. guys? >> thanks, lauryn that does it for news4 midday. thanks for joining us today. we'll send you push alerts with the nbc washington app as soon as the baltimore jury announces a decision in that trial of officer william porter. >> we'll keep you posted on air and then on our app.
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